The Innovative Lean Machine: Synchronizing People, Branding, and Strategy to Win in the Marketplace

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Select feature. While hosted ERP delivers some benefits, potential buyers As you set your goals for the new year, make sure one of them is to better protect your small business from a potential cyber incident. Join NCSA and partners Over time, wear and tear, improper operation, lack of maintenance, and changing use can lead to energy efficiencies and increased operating costs in institutional, commercial, or industrial buildings.

Building Re-Tuning Are you a facility, operations or plant maintenance manager or staff person? Most companies are leaving more than half their IP money on the table! When most companies think of intellectual property, they think only of Utility patents. These protect how something Manufacturing enterprises are quickly deploying AI solutions to stay ahead, but how to scale these advances -- and where to begin -- remain elusive.

Does that mean you should be bracing yourself for widespread job Technology disrupters such as Uber, Amazon and Netflix have set new standards and irrevocably changed the meaning of customer service. Customers have now been conditioned to expect exceptional customer experienceevery From the traditional robot to modern technology with collaborative robots, do you know what some of the basic criteria is for safeguarding designs?

More and more robots are being introduced Manufacturers are now operating in a new reality, with Are you looking to gain executive support to implement ISO standards? Understanding how ISO will impact your business, let alone building a business case or convincing executive teams Everyone knows that safety is a business imperative. It helps to keep your people safe and your operations productive and profitable.

Not everyone realizes that safety can be a significant Manufacturers are navigating a period of intense change as digitization and advanced technologies transform the sector. Industry 4. Some of the benefits that companies are looking to achieve via Industry 4. Manufacturers want their employees to be safe. Yet despite their best intentions, many manufacturers still lack effective practices and policies to keep workers safe. Safe employees are more likely to This session will focus on product digitization within supply chain processes and how these elements can be used to improve customer satisfaction.

Your company has a great occupational safety and health program. It trains its employees and has a safety incentive program that employees love. Then an employee ignores his training and By end of this webinar, you will walk away with: Awareness of common hazards Understanding of key OSHA requirements Recommendations for control strategies Tips for engaging employees in ongoing hazard By attending this minute webinar you will be able The effectiveness of particular types of safeguards depends in part on the correct positioning of the relevant parts in relation to the danger zone.

Business Continuity Management BCM enables organizations to manage risk and enable better, faster recovery following a disruption. Your business, competition, and industry are changing materially and frequently, but, sadly, not all of your technology partners got the memo. In fact, some ERP vendors have been dragging their This webinar includes ten strategies that every company can employ to increase market share with existing customers and help you identify new customers in that same market.

What Is Your Competitive Advantage? 8 Brand Differentiation Strategies

This tactic is This webinar includes strategies that every company can employ to bring together teams with each member contributing a talent or skill to the overall success of the group. Good teams With increased job security and the availability of other employment, The National Association of Manufacturers estimates that manufacturers have , unfilled jobs now and will need to fill 3.

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In addition How to break barriers and beat the odds as a woman in sales. This webinar is for women striving to succeed in a professional sales role. Based on decades of Combustible Dust poses one of the highest safety risks to a surprising variety of industries; some of whom do not realize that their processes and materials generate combustible dust — dust The challenge is not just in turning Perhaps you are the general contractor on a construction project in which an employee of one of your electrical subcontractor is electrocuted after failing to lock out a circuit he The time it takes for a product to go from the design phase to the delivery phase is shorter than ever.

Based on our research findings, engineers are feeling the Competitive pressures and demands for better financial performance are requiring manufacturers around the world to accelerate digital transformation across all levels of their businesses. Rockwell Automation and PTC have a As safety leaders, we collect countless amounts of data: risk assessments, behavior-based activities, training records, hazard identifications, and incident investigation reports, just to name a few.

Using the 5S methodology The Industrial Internet of Things IIoT is helping companies improve productivity and safety while increasing engagement, differentiating their offering, and generating new revenue streams. From predictive maintenance to equipment as-a-service, In industrial manufacturing, robots are shedding their cages, where they have toiled for decades, and now collaborate shoulder-to-shoulder with their human co-workers.

It's in the news everyday - one of the top issues among manufacturers nationally is the difficulty of finding people. Discover the value of a Lean synchronized approach to production scheduling with an integrated approach to maximizing production scheduling effectiveness.

The Innovative Lean Machine: Synchronizing People, Branding, and Strategy to Win in the Marketplace

Safety in the workplace is a must if you want your employees to be productive and your company profitable. Injuries and illnesses caused by unsafe acts and unsafe conditions are The internet has changed the way we do business. As manufacturing become increasingly digitized, cybersecurity must become a standard part of doing business. If sensitive information - such as employee However, for many businesses, the effect this standard will A dramatic increase in demand for precision manufactured products, unprecedented shifts in demographics, and changing attitudes about education, work and fulfillment, have created conditions where attracting and retaining talent is An interactive workshop for companies and sales teams facing unique challenges when selling into large enterprise accounts.

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This workshop is ideal for sales professionals that run into these roadblocks: Diversified Tremendous strides have been made over the last 50 years in Production Scheduling. Attend this webinar to learn how an EnMS creates a framework for industrial facilities, commercial facilities, or entire organizations to integrate energy efficiency into existing management systems for continuous energy The U. Small Business Administration SBA is tasked with assisting small businesses through partnerships that can lead to research commercialization and job creation.

Through a competitive process, the SBA The revisions of the rule are designed to encourage the reclamation of higher-value waste solvents. PennTAP will explain the rule and the definition of the solid waste for certain solvents Continuing the theme of a team-based approach to organizational opportunities, participants Training for BBS and safety have not advanced significantly over the past several decades, but the world we live in and our workforce have.

Up until recently, training options have E-learning is transforming the way organizations are providing safety and compliance training to employees. New tools that leverage mobile devices are making training opportunities more convenient with the ability for The modern manufacturing industry is investing in new technologies such as the Internet of Things IoT , big data analytics, cloud computing and cyber security to cope with system complexity, increase While direct printing of metal is widely discussed and promoted, the high costs and technical difficulty involved means that many products and applications are better addressed through a mature manufacturing Companies that fail to work with their vendors, suppliers and contractors supply chain Effective training is widely acknowledged as the key to mitigating the impact of a widening skills gap in manufacturing.

Despite this recognition, the results of a recent Industry Week survey But what exactly Small and medium-sized businesses SMB remain a prime target for cyber criminals. Because of that, cyber insurance has become a popular topic recently among the SMB community.

How Automakers Can Survive the Self-Driving Era - Article - Germany - A.T. Kearney

When should a Small and medium-sized businesses SMB regularly use outside vendors t help them manage daily business operations. When SMBs use a vendor, how do they assess the cyber risks that come Digital Transformation has had a profound impact on how businesses operate, the way people work, and the trend continues to accelerate.

The potential for digital innovation to improve safety and Employee safety must come first — for the health of both workers and the bottom line. Safe employees are more likely to trust management and be engaged in their work and Injuries and illnesses in the workplace are costing businesses billions of dollars and at the same time loss of productivity and profits. This program will examine the most frequent causes Most leaders can relate to these statements: Are looking to dramatically improve their processes for hiring and recruiting younger sales talent.

Have had enough of lackluster, under-motivated teams and too Opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce energy-related costs can often require investment in new equipment, technology, or controls. Join us for this webinar focused on the advantages of additive manufacturing for small and mid-sized businesses.

Additive manufacturing, the 3D printing of functional components in metals and polymers, has When performed correctly, a Dust Hazards Analysis DHA identifies complex combustible dust hazards and provides techniques to mitigate these hazards. Unfortunately, all DHAs are not created equal and serious hazards Microlearning is quickly emerging as a key way to increase workforce engagement, boost knowledge growth and ultimately change behavior. Proven to drive results, leading organizations are leveraging microlearning as a As a generation of workers retire, companies are struggling to capture and transfer their knowledge and experience.

Additionally, many have had challenges integrating the new generation of workers, both from Industrial machines shipped into the EU are subject to the CE marking process. This marking process is also true for industrial machines produced or substantially modified within the EU. Organizations face multiple risks, each with different degrees of significance. The complexity of managing these risks compounded by the number, type, scale and multinational aspects of business operations can be This webinar will cover the new rules adopted by OSHA during the last 3 years, including penalty increases, anti-retaliation drug testing , beryllium, and electronic recordkeeping, with a discussion on how According to OSHA, a little more than a third of workplaces that were required to file their reports online this year did not file.

As a safety professional, your responsibility Is your company a Digital Novice or a Digital Champion? PwC recently interviewed 1, manufacturing executives in 26 countries and then sorted the companies by digital maturity -- from In manufacturing, four factors — speed, agility, quality, and reliability — typically decide winners from losers. What makes the difference in influencing workplace safety culture Are you getting enough appointments?

Are you in front of enough new opportunities to reach your goals? Attend this session and learn the Classic Sandler prospecting tactics and strategies, updated Field service management technologies of the past have often disappointed, resulting in high service costs, excessive warranty expenses, and dissatisfied customers.

A new wave of emerging technologies, ranging from the But, do you know what separates data The pace of innovation in the automotive and transportation industries has never been greater. Electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and lightweight construction are changing vehicles and the way that people interact In this session, we will dig into practical next steps if you would like to pursue additive manufacturing within your organization.

We will present key considerations in identifying parts that In it, we will walk through the AM process from design to finished part, discuss AM The ISO standard specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system. The purpose is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in This webinar will cover the new rules adopted by OSHA during the last three years, including penalty increases, anti-retaliation drug testing , beryllium, and electronic recordkeeping, with a discussion on how They get that safety needs to One day they are in a factory recording chemical inventories, the next they could be in a classroom providing safety This webinar will cover some of the key changes as the new standard for Occupational Health and Safety is launched.

Nearly every manufacturer either has or is developing a Digital Transformation strategy. And yet, recent research shows that progress toward the strategy is at varying stages. Learn what other manufacturing Investments in smart equipment can supercharge your production.