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Sunset Skin Foundation Porcelain 2 reviews. About the product Description. How to Use Press the coral cap a few times until product pumps out. For sheer coverage : use a damp sponge and pat all over the face and smooth out excess using a clean side of the sponge. For variable coverage : simply use fingertips and blend a small amount targeting an area of the face at a time. For medium coverage : use a flat foundation brush; using the brush tip grab a small amount first and brush on the targeted area of the complexion and finish off with a gentle fingertip or damp sponge patting motion to blend any streaking left from the brush bristles.

Hilarious [laughs]. Minus: Yup, and I'll still listen to Skrewdriver. I'm 43 and never spent money on a [Skrewdriver] album, and I know the lyrics. They were about blood, honor, and loyalty, pride in your race. It was everything I was about, just for Latinos. Nobody complains when I listen to gangster rap, singing about drugs, killing, and fighting and racist shit about us.

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And I paid cash for that. Well, I listen to everything from death metal to classical. Lou: Not really.

UV exposure keeps damaging skin after sunset

It didn't bother us much. I think some of us already had prejudices we grew up with. I know I did. But I think most of all we liked the sound of the music itself, but I do think the lyrics had an effect on some of the things we said and did. The first time I got arrested was at Hell Park. We were hanging with Scott Ebanks and some other guys.

We had lit a fire in Carmine Street Park.

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The fire guys chased us out, and me and another kid got arrested. After we were released, we walked past the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Big black skinheads, and me with a Skrewdriver shirt. I locked eyes with Troy, but kept walking with my friend 'til we hit 6th Ave. Then we stopped, 'cause I knew the guys were following us. So, four bouncers from that place surrounded me and lectured me on the evils of Latino year-olds wearing white power t-shirts. Lesson learned.

But I'll be darned if they were gonna chase me down. I'll stand and take it like a man, 'cause I'm from Sunset [laughs]. Did any other Sunset Skin crew members play in bands? Jorge: Yeah, Richie did that Oi! I'm not sure, but I think there was some kind of closet Nazi shit with a member, or I could be totally wrong. Karate Chris also created the band All Out War. Minus: I wouldn't say "dissolved.

They used to call us the Goya Boys back in the days. SOB, Karate Chris, and myself were who kinda went another way. We were the Brooklyn addition to what started as DMS.

Sunset is my hood, it's where I grew to be a man, my roots. I just went on a different ride. Lou: I don't remember exactly when, but somewhere around the time Edwin got locked up for trying to stab someone in Woodbridge Mall. He did two years in Rahway [a prison in New Jersey], and the guys sort of dispersed. I think it coincided with the lull in shows at CB's because of the violence. Jorge: Bro, towards the end, whatever dude that didn't do drugs started to do bands, or get involved with girlfriends and careers. Some members went to prison. But as the hardcore scene declined a little, so did the old school.

The new scene, I would say, came up around '92 or ' But I'm bad with dates and stuff. I heard rumors about one of the Twins Hector or Edwin dying or in prison while the other one is living in Puerto Rico. Do you know whatever became of them? Lou: Last time I spoke to Hector was in , just before moving my family to Zambia.

They were living with their mom and doing work locally. They were also both involved in MMA and got really good at it. Minus: It was just a rumor. The Twins are alive and well. They're just antisocial and hate the world [laughs]. Question for Lou: I know you've been living in Africa and doing missionary work. How did that come about, and what's been your personal journey since those days in Brooklyn? Lou: Believe it or not, my intro to "religion," and the whole Jesus thing, was from the Twins.


I knew their mom was a "holy roller" and I would ask them questions about it. I didn't really grow up in church, but we would be drinking, and they would be getting high. They shared with me everything their mother had taught them. I felt that what I was hearing was the truth, but I didn't want to give up the skinhead lifestyle. All of it came back to me six years later, when the whole crew was gone, and I felt like I was the only one left.

The police were looking for me. I was depressed and purposeless and felt like the family I had on the streets had betrayed me. That's when I gave my life over to Christ, not in some weird, loud, "holy roller" church, but in the privacy of my own living room. I think because of my time on the streets, I can sort of identify with the street kids that we work with.

Sometimes we feel like no one gets us or cares.