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One person together with the Almighty is a majority. You can change the world -- or your community -- or your family -- or yourself.

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Love justice, and counter injustice and evil. Wisdom only enters a humble person. An arrogant person is too full of himself for anything to enter. Humility is not "letting people walk all over you"; humility is knowing exactly what your talents and capabilities are, and knowing that they are gifts from the Almighty. What would you think of a person who says, "Hey, look at me -- I can wave my hand! God doesn't need our prayers.

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But we need to pray, in order to focus on the source of our blessings, the Almighty. Knowing from where our blessings come makes it good for the Almighty to give to us. Even if a person doesn't believe in God, praying makes a person realize that he himself is not God. Growth and accomplishment only come through focus and effort. Each day ask yourself: 1 What am I living for?

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Being real with God is realizing that there are consequences for your actions. There is no free lunch. Ultimately there is reward for good actions and punishment for transgressions Being real with life is realizing that you are going to die.

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We think there is a club of people who die Everyone dies. If you had a clock on top of your television counting down to the day of your death, at what point would you get up and turn off the TV and do all the things that you've been putting off? This is my list. It would be worthwhile to make your own list. After all, it's your life! Thank you for organizing these most important qualities so they are a guide and a clear reference anytime one needs to remmeber the purpose of life and the best derech to achieve it.

Your site is a favorite of mine. I am always sure to find some uplifting article which Am Yisroel is in such dire need of.

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Thank you so very much. Dear Rabbi, There are manuals describing how to use soap, doorknobs, washing machines, and even radios.

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What people often miss putting in manuals is how to actually live through the item. In your case, its life. And that is important. Thank you. Dear r. Packouz, Yishar Koach! Some people just don't like reading long and even boring for them "sermons". But this one would be the shortest and the most precise one to direct the life. According to Article 5.

WADA has developed a protocol and exemption application form that athletes must use to make such requests, and a decision template that ADOs must use to provide their decision. Pursuant to Article 5. Skip to main content. United States. Diplomacy and International Institutions. The international rules-based order established after World War II seems to be under relentless pressure, threatening its foundations existentially.

If so, what if anything can be done to reinvigorate it? First, what are the most distinctive attributes of the post world order; how did that order come into being; and what explains its longevity? Second, what forces are now placing this order under strain?