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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Bone graft substitutes presentation 1. Allograft based. Factor based.

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Cell based. Ceramic based. Polymer based.

Comparison of Bone Substitutes in a Tibia Defect Model in Wistar-Rats

Factor based Natural and recombinant growth factors usd alone or in combination. Cell based Cells used to generate new tissue alone or seeded onto a support matrix. Mesenchymal stem cells.

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Ceramic based Includes calcium phosphate,calcium sulfate,and bioactive glass used alone or in combination. Osteograft,Osteoset,Nova bone. Severe vascular or neurological disease. Uncontrolled DM. Severe Degenerative Bone disease. Renal compromise. Pott disease,or osteomyelitis or sepsis at the surgical site. BMP 2,7-key role in osteoblast differentiation. BMP-3 — induces bone formation. BMP-4 — regulates the formation of teeth,limbs and bone from mesoderm.

BMP-5 —functions in cartilage develoment. BMP role in joint integrity in adults. BMP -8a — involved in Bone and cartilage development. Spinal fusion 2. Treatment of open tibial fractures. Maxillofacial surgeries. FGF Acidic. Chemotactic for fibroblasts.

Bone graft substitutes

Stimulates keratinocyte migration. Angiogenesis ,wound contraction. Many types of cells 1.

Dental Bone Loss - Bone Grafting in Denville, NJ

Increased vascular permeability. Mitogenic for endothelial cells. Platelets,macrophage s,endothelial cells,keratinocytes, 1. Mitogenic for fibroblasts,endothelial cells. Trephination and collection of MSC from the flasks. MSC are then loaded in the scaffold. Role of stem cells in orthopaedics 1. Studies indicate that reduced cement porosity lowers the risk of subsequent revisions resulting from aseptic loosening.

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The reduced porosity of the cement leads to an increase of the fatigue and bending strength of the cement. Z Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb , The short and strong bristles allow an intense cleaning deep into the marrow canal while also providing a rinsing and sucking function. The cleansing contributes to a deeper penetration of the bone cement into the bone; it improves the contact between cement and bone and the rigidity of the bone-cement-interface. The comprehensive accessories sterile packed and disposable range from different nozzles, over tube systems to nozzle-tube-sets also specific for hip- and Knee-TEP surgeries and splash guards.

Modern cementing techniques allow the creation of an optimal cement mantle within the femoral canal.

The universal PE-Restrictor with flexible polyethylene lamellae is used to seal the femoral canal for all patient sizes. The instrument, specifically adjusted to the PE-Restrictor, allows a safe insertion. The PE-Restrictor occludes the medullary space, distal to the subsequent location of the prosthesis tip, to seal the femoral canal.

This sealing is achieved by pressing the PE-Restrictor inside the femur. Therefore, they are suitable to accommodate various patient anatomies and to help restrict cement flow into the distal femoral shaft.

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  5. Properties With these two cement restrictors the medullary space is occluded distal to the subsequent location of the prosthesis tip, to seal the femoral canal. This sealing is achieved by pressing the cement restrictor inside the femur. After a short waiting period, the cement reaches an ideal viscosity for application. The unique cement formulation guarantees an optimized long application time, minimizing time pressure during application. The unique patented design allows a homogeneous mixing of the powder and the monomer components as well as closed and clean transfer of the bone cement into syringes.

    The porosity macroporosity of the ceramic varies between 65 - 80 Vol. The unique microporous structure ensures uniform uptake of liquid substances such as antibiotics and their controlled sustained release [1]. The complete resorbability and simultaneous formation of new bone makes explantation of the material unnecessary [2, 3]. The contraindications of the applied antibiotic have to be considered. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

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